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Grounding Touch

In this exercise, you are using your own hands to weight your body, which helps reduce anxiety and create a sense of calmness and stability. Standing up or sitting in a chair, begin to gently rock side to side. Eventually let your weight settle firmly and evenly on your two feet. Place your right hand on your belly and left hand on the centre of your chest. Tune in to the feeling of your breath, the sensation of warmth from your hand, and the strength and softness of your body. Take a few breaths between each of the following movements: place your right hand on your forehead, your left hand on your belly, then both hands on the centre of your chest. Finally, place your palms together and rub them, making some heat. Cup your warm hands over your face and let their warmth melt the tension in your face, eyes, and jaw. Slide your hands down your face and all the way to the tops of your legs. Press gently on your thighs to enhance the downward-moving energy in the body. This supports the immune system by promoting elimination of all that is not needed: physical waste, confusion, doubt, fear, or feeling lost

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