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Touch Project

Hi everyone! This post is a small update about the latest upcoming projects and events.

Touch project is a new venture that starts on Sunday afternoon on the 29th of August and runs on a monthly basis.

Touch Project is bringing the leading platonic touch teachers together to collaborate in research to educate and scientifically prove the wellbeing benefits of safe nurturing platonic touch.

It's a workshop that provides a safe platform for all cuddle and touch enthusiasts. Similarly to cuddle parties, during three hours experience you will get to practise communication and boundaries; compassionate touch, for example sharing a hand or foot massage, a shoulder rub or back massage. There will be grounding and breathing exercises.

"As we have been locked down for many months, the workshop pace will be dictated by what you want. Some may want more touch, some people may want less contact. We are happy to create a bespoke experience every time. We will match you as best we can to meet your needs." Everyone is made to feel welcome regardless of age, race, colour or creed. Know that you are coming to a safe space where we will do our best to give you an uplifting, fun, positive experience each and every time!

For more details, please visit Touch Project website

Hope to see you there!

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