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Location and other details:

  • Brighter Spaces therapy studio in Islington, London, UK.
    (Modern and calming rooms used by both mind and body therapists.)

    The spaces are perfect for therapy; cosy, warm and welcoming!

  • Host at Tooting Broadway/Guest (Videocall or meet up for coffee required before coming to yours!)

£1,5h/£90(recommended for first session)



Free consultation via email or phone call
before booking. You don't have to make a booking. Some people find approaching strangers quite challenging, especially if the conversation is going to be about something as personal as cuddling. If that's you, please don't worry - I'll be very happy to hear from you. I will try to be as helpful as possible answering any questions that you might have and we can take it from there!


Code of conduct:

​Code Of Conduct and Client Service Agreement is to be signed during the consultation and before the beginning of the session.


Medical advise:

Cuddle therapy is not a cure, nor is it able to alleviate serious mental issues. It is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment and is not recommended for people with serious psychiatric disorders. People with unstable interpersonal relationships or a history of various treatments may not fully benefit from cuddle sessions.

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