About Kristiina

“I recently had a session with Kristiina. She was amazing! She is very warm soul! It was my first Cuddle Therapy session, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to except but she put me totally at ease. Since the appointment, I have felt more relaxed, I have been sleeping better and I have given myself more self-care. Thank you so much Kristiina!” - Lyn, Brighter Spaces

Kristiina is a Baltic cuddler, originally from Estonia whose love language is touch. She has been working with people as professional cuddle therapist since 2018, initially trained by Rebekka Mikkola, the co-founder of award-winning Nordic Cuddle.
After Nordic Cuddle's closure she remains active in London, providing cuddle sessions & advocating for touch and holistic health. You can also find her profile in various international cuddle sites such as Cuddlecomfort and Cuddle Professionals International.


Qualifications and Experience:

  • Nordic Cuddle’s & Cuddle Internationals cuddle therapy training programme (CMA & ICOES Accredited)
    & their practical workshops.

  • Level 2 in Mental Health Awareness and Personal Health and Wellbeing.

  • Mindfulness 

  • Life coaching

  • Care assistant

  • White Tiger qigong. (Spirit - Breath - Body).

  • Underline tantric immersion course (a body driven study of mind).

  • Yoga and Kriya (a systematic course in the Ancient Tantric Techniques).

  • More than 900 hours of cuddle therapy experience.

  • Connection expert at Touch Project (https://touchproject.weebly.com/)

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